It’s the beginning of a new academic year – and whether or not you are entering the ED for the first time, or returning after a hiatus it’s a good time to catch up on the basics. That’s what these “Starter Packs” are about. I have collated a number of different posts to give you an idea of what I’ve shared over the past few years on a number of common conditions. This one focuses on head injuries.


From Academic Life in Emergency Medicine: PECARN Pediatric Head Trauma: Official Visual Decision Aid for Clinicians

Minor TBI and vomiting alone? Should we be worried?

Isolated loss of consciousness and risk for clinically important traumatic brain injury

Why we do what we do: Hypertonic saline for elevated intracranial pressure

Under Pressure: A podcast on the acute management of elevated ICP

Post-Traumatic Headache Management

What I’m reading: We’re seeing more sports related head injuries, but not necessarily worse ones