It is natural to reflect at the end of the year. I wanted to share this post as a way to thank all of my readers and contributors and to give a full accounting of how the site performed over the past year. Sharing this data will hopefully allow me to continue to improve the site and expand PEMBlog’s educational reach in the service of my ongoing efforts to teach as many providers as possible about the care of ill and injured children.

Summary Statistics


This is an increase of 24% over 2016 (97,861)!

Overall I have noticed a steady increase in the number of visitors per month since the site launched in the summer of 2012. The green highlight in July 2017 indicates that that was the month with the most visits ever.


I was overjoyed to learn that I have readers from dozens of countries. The “heat map” below lists the top views by country.

Top Viewed Posts

Title Views
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Synconvulsions: Just how common are convulsions in syncope? 10,134
Reducing pain during incision and drainage of abscesses 5,539
Post tonsillectomy hemorrhage 4,056
Absorbable versus nonabsorbable sutures 3,146
Chest X-Ray Challenge! 2,929
Briefs: It’s a private matter… 2,575
You don’t need an X-Ray to diagnose constipation! 2,265
A review of oxygen delivery devices 2,253