I am proud to present the video version of the 2019 PEMPix presentation that was originally presented at the 2019 AAP National Conference and Exhibition during the Section on Emergency Medicine program in New Orleans, LA on Saturday, October 26, 2019. Check out PEMPix.com for the list of references from all of the cases.

References for the 2019 PEMPix cases

Case 1: Ecthyma gangrenosum

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Case 2: Post circumcision phimosis

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Case 3: Conjunctival papilloma

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Case 4: ADHD medication vasculopathy

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Case 5: Bronchopulmoary sequestration

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Case 6: Bullous tinea

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Case 7: Medial sternoclavicular dislocation

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Case 8: Superinfected herpes zoster

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Case 9: Prostatic utricle cyst

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Case 10: Pneumoparotid

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