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Brad Sobolewski, MD, MEd is an Associate Professor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine and an Assistant Director for the Pediatric Residency Training Program at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. He is on Twitter @PEMTweets and authors the Pediatric Emergency Medicine site PEMBlog. All views are strictly my own and not official medical advice.

Happy 12th Anniversary to my amazing wife!

This is now an annual tradition at PEMBlog. My only non medical post of the year. I still can't seem to get my act together to get out to Hallmark and buy a card for my wife. Therefore, I just have to throw a video together, last minute. I hope she enjoys it, and forgives me for not being able to express my sentiments via a card.

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The Reading Room: April 2019

Case 1: Shoulder the burden A 13 year old presents with right shoulder and left chest pain in the setting of fever.  The exam is significant for tenderness of the right shoulder and upper arm. The initial X-rays are negative. The patient subsequently underwent an MRI. [...]

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An interview about the best practices for diagnosing and managing constipation in the ED

Constipation is an incredibly common problem in the Pediatric Emergency Department and amongst children who visit the Emergency Department with complaints of abdominal pain. This episode of PEM Currents, the Pediatric Emergency Medicine podcast features an interview with Danny Mallon, a Gastroenterologist from Cincinnati Children's who is an expert in managing pediatric constipation. Our discussion focused on diagnosis in the Emergency Department, management  and why you don't need an X-Ray to make there diagnosis.

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Little Patients, Big Medicine, Great Podcast

Jason Woods is a rising star in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. He hails from Denver Childrens in Colorado and is the host of a great new podcast Little Patients, Big Medicine. This podcast is definitely worth a subscribe if you care for children in the Emergency Department and should be added to your regular medical playlist.

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Influenza TweetStorm!

OK, what is a TweetStorm? Its a series of rapid fire tweets all embedded in one thread that focuses on a single topic. I just did an influenza related TweetStorm and for those of you not on Twitter here is the information I shared. Even if you are not on Twitter the embedded tweet should take you to all of the information.

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