From the Archives: Spring Break Edition

I am on Spring Break this week, spending time with the wife and kids. So, I won’t be posting any new content. However, you can still access (at least in my humble opinion) a veritable treasure trove of educational content. Here are some of my favorite series that I’ve shared on PEMBlog over the past few years.

My four part series on kidney stones focuses on everything from diagnosis to treatment. Check out each of the posts right here.

Part 1: Presentation

Part 2: Labs

Part 3: Imaging

Part 4: Treatment


Back in the fall of 2013 I posted a four part series on intussusception, you can see all four posts via one handy link right here.

Want to learn more about febrile seizures? Of course you do! Here is a link to the compendium of my six post series on febrile seizures – something you will (probably) see on your next shift.


Yes, I know, bronchiolitis has worn out its welcome this winter (and now Spring). That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this eight part series.

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