I finally met Sean Fox from Carolinas Medical center this summer. He runs a fantastic PEM focused blog called Pediatric EM Morsels. The goal of the site is to present bite sized topic reviews on a diverse array of topics that are always clinically relevant. I particularly enjoy the posts where he tackles commonly held myths – check these out for an example:

Positioning for Lumbar Puncture

No position is inherently better, unless you need an opening pressure, in which you should do side-lying. But, you should not excessively flex the neck, as recent ultrasound studies have indicated that this will not increase the interspinous space. It could however occlude the airway. Read more here.

The 500:1 rule for correcting WBC count in a traumatic LP: fact or fiction?

No formula has been proven to be 100% reliable. He urges good technique (of course) and to use age related norms for wbc regardless of the number of red cells. Read on!

Morphine doesn’t change the ability of a surgeon to clinically diagnose appendicitis

Read about the magic of morphine, and how you should feel free to give it to kids in pain and not worry about it blunting the exam for surgical consults.

As you can see the content is tailor-made for the Pediatric Emergency Department. Check out Pediatric EM Morsels today! You can also follow Sean on twitter.

Link Pediatric EM Morsels