Submissions are now being accepted for the 2019 edition of PEMPix, the AAP Section on Emergency Medicine’s visual diagnosis competition and presentation. Cases can include photographs, radiographic images or even videos. Remember, this is a visual diagnosis competition and the centerpiece of each case should be a compelling picture or video. By far the easiest way to submit your case is to use the secure online form on I promise that we are not collecting your information or sharing it with any third parties. At least one of the members of your submission team should be a member of the AAP’s Section on Emergency Medicine.

You must include the following files, at minimum in order for your submission to be accepted:

  1. The actual case which may be submitted as a powerpoint presentation, a word document or other common file format. Please include high quality images or videos. You may elect to submit them separately as well. Please do not include any personal identifiers or HIPAA relevant information. Cases that have already been published in a journal are not eligible. A list of recently accepted cases are on Each case should include history, diagnosis and a brief discussion.
    1. Name your file in the following manner Lastname-Diagnosis-PEMPix2019
    2. Each case must include five choices for the interactive multiple choice question formatted presentation. Please include the correct answer as one of the choices. The choices should be options in the differential diagnosis, not “what should you order as the next test” options.
  2. The AAP Authorization to Use Photograph form which you can download on Please sign the form yourself. It does not need to be signed by the patient and family. I can assist with deidentification and file format conversion.

Submissions will be accepted between April 29th 2019 and June 15, 2019. Afterwards a panel of judges will select the cases for the 2019 edition of PEMPix. Cases are eligible for online and live presentation formats. The winners of both the audience and judges’ awards will receive an honorarium and must be current SOEM members. The audience award winner will also have to the chance to publish their case. I look forward to receiving your submissions. Remember the deadline is June 15, 2019.