I just recently discovered Pomegranate Health, a fantastic podcast from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. There are already 29 episodes, and the topics run the gamut of topics in medicine, from drug interactions to how we can stop following low-quality evidence in pediatrics. They also cover issues like decision-making, patient-centred care, and social medicine. Each episode features expert clinicians and academics from a range of specialties. Mic Cavazzini and his colleagues are doing fantastic work!

Directly from the creators itself:


Pomegranate Health is a continuing professional development podcast to inspire excellence in a physician’s practice. Every month we present ​a story about clinical decision-making, physician wellbeing or socio-ethical challenges in medicine.

Why should you listen to this Podcast?

  • The topics are germane to a wide array of clinicians
  • The production values are tremendous – seriously, they are very reminiscent of the podcasts that come out of Radiotopia and NPR
  • Each episode features of number of experiences contributors who enhance the depth and rich mess of the topic at hand
  • They provide transcripts of each episode and links to supplemental and relevant materials

My favorite episodes thus far include: