Coming Soon! Season 1 of a Toxicology focused podcast

I have partnered with Suzan Mazor, MD, the Toxicology Medical Director at Seattle Children's to deliver season one of our Toxicology focused podcast series. Tox Tuesdays will include brief, focused, high yield yield information that will help you manage children who are intentionally - and unintentionally - exposed to medications and environmental poisons.

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A podcast episode about mastoiditis

Does mastoiditis always present with the classic triad of swelling behind the ear, otalgia, and protrusion of the auricle? Do you need to get a CT to make the diagnosis? What is the exact relationship with acute otitis media? Can swimmer's ear turn into mastoiditis? These questions and more are why I recorded his episode of PEM Currents: The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Podcast.

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