Starting this Friday, August 16th, 2019, I will be releasing a new fracture focused episode of my podcast, PEM Currents, the Pediatric Emergency Medicine podcast every Friday for the next seven weeks. I have been working on the scripts and production of these episodes for quite some time, and I hope you enjoy them and learn something.

The schedule is as follows:

August 16 – Forearm and Wrist

August 23 – Elbow

August 30th – Humerus

September 6 – Hand

September 13 – Tibia and Fibula

September 20 – Femur

September 27 – Foot

You can listen to each and every episode right here on PEMBlog. Or, you could subscribe to the podcast – just search for PEM Currents, on your favorite service now to assure that you’ll get the episodes as they are released. Folks like me (in the FOAM world) just do this because we love to teach. I promise that will not find any ads for Casper mattresses or on these episodes.

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