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Brad Sobolewski, MD, MEd is an Associate Professor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine and an Assistant Director for the Pediatric Residency Training Program at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. He is on Twitter @PEMTweets and authors the Pediatric Emergency Medicine site PEMBlog. All views are strictly my own and not official medical advice.

Cecal volvulus is rare but a big deal

I've only seen this a few times, but each case presented with a very ill child with an acute obstruction. Check out the linked post from @PedEMMorsels / Sean Fox. feedproxy.google.com/~r/PedEMmorsels/~3/a9OjmqdaSrs/ Per Sean key X-ray findings reveal that the "cecum may be dilated and located [...]

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New CDC Concussion Guideline From JAMA Pediatrics

This guideline from the Centers for Disease Control is based on a previous systematic review of the literature and includes clinical recommendations for mild traumatic brain injury in children. — Read on jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapediatrics/fullarticle/2698456 I'd definitely consider this a must read.

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There are multiple topical anesthetics that we use in the ED. The common theme is that all of these drugs with -caine cause sodium channel inhibition in nerves, which blocks axonal transmission leading to the typical numbness and and localized weakness. I admit that it can be a bit confusing as to which one you should use and when. The aim of this post is therefore to help provide some clarity.

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