All of a sudden, here’s a podcast on SVT

Three of my favorite letters in the Pediatric Emergency Department are S, V and T. This episode of PEM Currents, the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Podcast focus on the diagnosis and management of paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia in the ED. I discuss preparation, vagal maneuvers, cardioversion, disposition and more!

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I can't believe we're seeing measles again! This podcast episode reviews making the diagnosis, labs to send, complications, post exposure interventions, the MMR and MMRV vaccine and lots more. I hope you find it timely and helpful.

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Little Patients, Big Medicine, Great Podcast

Jason Woods is a rising star in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. He hails from Denver Childrens in Colorado and is the host of a great new podcast Little Patients, Big Medicine. This podcast is definitely worth a subscribe if you care for children in the Emergency Department and should be added to your regular medical playlist.

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A sinusitis podcast

Did you know that up to 9% of URIs are eventually complicated by acute sinusitis in children? This episode of PEM Currents, the Pediatric Emergency Medicine podcast focuses on making the diagnosis of acute bacterial rhinosinusitis clinically and when to pull the antibiotic prescription trigger.

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A podcast on acute testicular pain

Acute testicular pain is a common presenting complaint in the Pediatric Emergency Department. In this episode of PEM Currents you will learn about testicular torsion, epididymitis, torsion of the appendix testis and appendix epididymis, inguinal hernias and more. And remember, first and foremost, time is testicle!

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A discussion about probiotics for gastroenteritis with David Schnadower

Check out this in-depth interview with the lead author on the recent New England Journal paper on the use of probiotics in gastroenteritis. David Schnadower was kind enough to sit down with me and James Gray, a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellow from Cincinnati Children's to talk about the study and its implications for the care of children with infectious gastroenteritis.

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