An episode of my podcast dedicated to the dislocated finger

It is much more common for children to break a finger than dislocate one. Why? Those darn growth plates. Nevertheless reducing a dislocated digit is one of the most common emergency procedures around and can generally be performed without much difficulty. However there are some situations where you shouldn’t just yank in the digit. Learn about these situations and more in this episode.

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A podcast episode on the nursemaid’s elbow

Never has there been a more anachronistic name for such a common malady. Hailing from the time when the wealthy had female domestic workers who cared for children within their large household, this outmoded eponym describes a common orthopedic condition that impacts young children. I’ll cast my vote for calling it “pulled elbow” like they do in Australia - because it describes when happens when the radial head subluxes from its usual position nestled in the annular ligament. This episode discusses the diagnosis and management of this can’t miss condition, that I suspect our residents and students aren’t seeing as much as they should.

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A podcast episode on high-powered magnet ingestions

This episode of PEM Currents: The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Podcast focuses on high-powered magnet ingestions in children and was a collaboration with Elizabeth Curtis - @egcurtismd and Libby Ireson - @LibbyIreson, two Categorical Pediatrics Residents at Cincinnati Children's who served as producers and guest hosts. This episode is equal parts clinical advice and advocacy in action and will help you discuss these potentially dangerous magnets with families and manage a child in case they swallow one.

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