Briefs: Pumping Iron

Kids accidentally ingest medicines. In the Peds ED we are rightfully worried about opiates, BP meds, acetaminophen, and diabetes drugs (among many others) but we shouldn't overlook the potential dangers that come with iron ingestion. Let's take a look shall we? Why do humans need [...]

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Oh No, CO!

Tis the season for flu-like symptoms. Many of you will see multiple members of the same family with the flu. But what if it isn't the flu? When should one be worried about carbon monoxide poisoning? Let's take a look at this colorless, odorless, potentially [...]

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Clonidine: A member of the ‘one pill can kill club’

Pharmacology Clonidine is an imidazoline, a class of drugs that function as centrally-acting presynaptic alpha 2 agonists . Essentially clonidine acts like pushing down on the break pedal of sympathetic output thus decreasing sympathetically mediated vasoconstriction, cardiac inotropy, and chronotropy. It has rapid GI absorption and highly [...]

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