I can't believe we're seeing measles again! This podcast episode reviews making the diagnosis, labs to send, complications, post exposure interventions, the MMR and MMRV vaccine and lots more. I hope you find it timely and helpful.

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PEMPix Classic: A River Runs Through It

Over the years many amazing cases have been presented during the PEMPix presentation at the American Academy of Pediatrics' annual national Conference and Exhibition during the Section on Emergency Medicine Sessions. PEMPix Classics is a new featured series on PEMBlog that will highlight some of those classic cases.

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The submission period for the 2019 PEMPix Competition is now open

The submission period for the 2019 PEMPix visual diagnosis competition to be held at the AAP National Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans is now open! Submissions will be accepted at between April 29th 2019 and June 15, 2019. At least one of the members of the submission team should be a member of the AAP’s Section on Emergency Medicine. 

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Happy 12th Anniversary to my amazing wife!

This is now an annual tradition at PEMBlog. My only non medical post of the year. I still can't seem to get my act together to get out to Hallmark and buy a card for my wife. Therefore, I just have to throw a video together, last minute. I hope she enjoys it, and forgives me for not being able to express my sentiments via a card.

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The Reading Room: April 2019

Case 1: Shoulder the burden A 13 year old presents with right shoulder and left chest pain in the setting of fever.  The exam is significant for tenderness of the right shoulder and upper arm. The initial X-rays are negative. The patient subsequently underwent an MRI. [...]

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