Briefs: Corneal Abrasions

This post will just scratch the surface in its exploration of the diagnosis and management of corneal abrasions. What is the best technique for getting the fluorescin into the eye? First of all, please don't jab the patient's eye with the fluorescin strip itself. You [...]

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Briefs: Treating conjunctivitis

Physicians aren’t great at differentiating bacterial versus viral conjunctivitis. Especially in kids this leads to the provision of antibiotics regardless of etiology. This post will discuss antibiotics agents and therapeutic considerations - including return to school/daycare. Whether you are a network anchor or 4 year [...]

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Eye don’t like hyphemas

A hyphema is a collection of blood in the anterior chamber and is usually the result of trauma. The eyeball is compressed, and the anterior ciliary body tears, leading to bleeding. The grades are estimated by volume of the anterior chamber I: <1/3 II: 1/3 to 1/2 [...]

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